LNSwap.org is a trustless atomic swap exchange that works between Bitcoin and Stacks. We support Lightning and onchain Bitcoin swaps to and from STX and USDA on Stacks.

Widget Documentation

LNSwap.org offers a drop-in javascript widget that any Stacks App can use to accept Lightning payments instantly.

Ready to ride the lightning? Jump into the quick start docs and make your first request:

Read through our straight-forward documentation on how to integrate LNSwap API.

Swap Provider's Guide

Ready to run your own lnstxbridge-client instance, join the lnswap.org aggregator and earn fees for facilitating swaps between Bitcoin and Stacks? Jump into the guide to be a part of the global swap providers network:

Bridge Runner's Guide

This section is for you if you don't want to join the aggregator or would rather deploy your own independent instance of lnstxbridge. This open-source app is available for anyone to deploy on a VPS or any docker capable platform to independently serve trustless swaps.

Ready to deploy your own lnstxbridge instance? Jump into the guide to run your own instance:

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