4️⃣Deploy Dashboard

LN-STX Bridge Dashboard is an optional Administrator web app that you can use to access/control your lnstxbridge-client instance.


In order to help swap providers, help make it easier to run the bridge and increase visibility into the day to day operation there's now an admin dashboard that shows signer funds, swaps and balance status.

Note that if you followed the install script or docker-compose methods, you already have an instance of dashboard running on your system.

This dashboard is also open source and deployable with 1-click.

🎉 You are live in production!

Congratulations if you've made it this far. You are part of a global liquidity network that allows peers to exchange value with each other in a completely trustless and permissionless way.

Enjoy earning fees on your bridge!

Get in touch for any issues, feedback or suggestions regarding any of the lnstxbridge software components or this guide.

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