⌨️Bridge Runner's Guide

Follow this guide to deploy your own Lightning/Onchain BTC <-> Stacks trustless bridge.

This guide is for running a completely independent LN-STX Bridge with a Stacks Node publicly reachable on the internet.

If you're looking to provide liquidity to LNSwap.org aggregator follow the Swap Provider's Guide section.

Where to run your bridge?

First decision you need to make is to identify a host for your app. Due to LN-STX Bridge's architecture, currently the app needs to be run on a publicly reachable server with a domain name.

You can run your instance exclusively on tor, this way you would not need to purchase and configure a domain name.

Downside is, your users would need to reach your instance over tor network.

You can choose to run your instance;

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Note that work is underway to develop a simplified lnstxbridge-client that anyone can deploy on their self-hosted bitcoin/lightning node. This should reduce hardware requirements significantly.

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