📘Swap Provider's Guide

Follow this guide to deploy lnstxbridge client, join the aggregator and earn fees by providing liquidity for Lightning/Onchain BTC <-> Stacks trustless swaps.

So you want to join the LNSwap Network?

With the activation of aggregator mode LNSwap.org - It is now possible for anyone run a lightweight app next to their Lightning node and earn swap fees for facilitating LN/onchain BTC and Stacks assets. Here's the announcement thread on twitter.

First decision you need to make is where you want to run the client app. If you're already running a full bitcoin node and LND node, you can skip to the Deploy Client section.

You can run your instance exclusively on tor. By doing this you'll avoid the need to open ports on your router and all the dangers of running a publicly accessible server.

You can run your instance as long as it's available 24/7;

Minimum Hardware Requirements


4 vCPU



Note that these are tested & recommended values. It may be possible to run the client on a weaker hardware. Currently the bottleneck is likely the bitcoin & lightning node.

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